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JTM Products and Services Ltd believe quality products, solid experience and professional service is the foundation of their business – and it’s proven a successful formula.

JTM provide water work valves and specialist pipe couplings throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islands. This Levin-based company is the sole New Zealand agent for Pipemate from Malaysia.

With a unique Fusion Bonded Epoxy powder coating system, Pipemate is a world respected manufacturer of pipe-jointing systems and offers protection for life.

JTM are able to supply a niche market with Flange Adapters, Restraining Joints and Waterworks Couplings. They stock Plate Flanges from 50nb to 900nb and Blanks from 100nb to 750nb, and Couplings and Flange Adapters from 80od to 1067od.

Additionally, JTM are able to manufacture items in New Zealand.

Available for distribution in New Zealand from JTM:

  • Steel pipe flanges
  • Restraining joints
  • Waterworks valves
  • Pipe couplings
  • Fabricated fittings
  • Flange adapters